Guest Authors

Below, find all the authors who’ve graced this blog with their presence, as well as some who are to come soon! You can find posts for all authors under “Categories” in the sidebar.  Are  you a women’s fiction author with a traditionally published book or just something to share with the WFW community? Email me! WomensFictionWriters @ gmail dot com. WFW is currently booking Fall 2014 for interviews. Guest posts openings may be available sooner. Just ask.


♦ Ellen Marie Wiseman ♦ Barbara Claypole White ♦ Kathryn Craft ♦ Ariel Lawhon ♦ Sharon Maas ♦ Ann Hite ♦ Katie O’Rourke ♦ Susan Meissner ♦ Janie Chang [Coming March through September ♦ Nancy Bilyeau ♦ Erika Robuck ♦ Therese Walsh ♦ Amy Hatvany ♦ Gila Green ♦  Cortney Roudebush ♦ Brenda Bevan Remmes ♦ Susan Gloss ♦ Karoline Barret ♦ Barbara Froman ♦ Anne McCarthy Strauss ♦ Natalia Sylvester ♦ Linda Pennell ♦ Kellie Gilbert ♦ Kathryn Maeglin ♦ Rita Plush ♦ Lydia Netzer ♦ Lindsey Palmer ♦ Colette Freedman ♦ Lorrie Thomson ♦ Rona Simmons ♦] 


♦ Gabrielle Sbarcea ♦ Karen Guzman ♦ Catherine McNamara* ♦ Dana Bate ♦ Kate Moretti ♦ Julie Kibler ♦ Amy Franklin-Willis ♦ Samantha Wilde ♦ Liz Fenton & Lisa Steinke ♦ Lisa Wingate ♦ Kim Boykin ♦ Anita Hughes* ♦ Ellen Sussman* ♦ Nicole Baart ♦ Patti Callahan Henry ♦ Jennie Shortridge ♦ Lizette Brodey ♦ Tiffany Hawk ♦ Andrea Lochen ♦ Natalia Sylvester ♦ Wendy Francis ♦ Erika Robuck*♦ Caroline Leavitt ♦ Jennie Nash ♦ Marci Nault ♦ Laura Drake ♦ Marybeth Whalen ♦  JoeAnn Hart ♦ Brenda Janowitz ♦ Lori Nelson Spielman ♦ Holly Robinson ♦ Kelly Harms ♦Travis Erwin ♦ Mia March ♦ Sara DiVello ♦ Jennifer Cody Epstein ♦ Peggy Payne ♦ Meg Waite Clayton* ♦ Jessica Brockmole ♦ Renee Swindle ♦ Carolyn Turgeon ♦Rosemary O’Brien ♦ Beth Kendrick ♦ Stephanie Elliot ♦ Jolina Petersheim ♦ Sally Koslow ♦ Lorrie Thomson ♦ Midge Raymond ♦ Allison Winn Scotch ♦ Deanna Adams ♦ Joan Steinau ♦ Rita Plush ♦ Anne Clinard Barnhill ♦ Yona Zeldis McDonough ♦ Nina Schuyler ♦ Katharine Britton ♦ Renee Rosen ♦ Kate Hewitt ♦ Kristina McMorris ♦ Mingmei Yip ♦ Emelle Gamble


 ♦ Sarah Jio ♦ Catherine McNamara ♦ SJ Drum ♦ Erika Liodice ♦ Shelly Bell ♦ Sarah Pinneo ♦ Sarah McCoy* ♦ Erika Marks ♦ Eleni N. Gage ♦ Patti Yager Delagrange ♦ Kristina McMorris ♦ Ann Weisgarber ♦ Meg Donohue ♦ Maureen Lipinski ♦ Jael McHenry* ♦ Anne Clinard Barnhill ♦ Valerie Frankel ♦ Kimberly Menozzi ♦ Amy Stolls* ♦ Priscille Sibley ♦ Lynda Rutledge ♦ Kimberly Brock ♦ Laura Drake ♦ Melanie Thorne ♦ Sandra Kring ♦ Tamra Wilson ♦ Laura Harrington* ♦ Jenny Gardiner ♦ Kim Izzo ♦ Karen Berner ♦ Nichole Bernier ♦ Brenda Janowitz ♦ Mia March ♦ Sarah Healy ♦ Anita Hughes ♦ Kathy Lynn Harris ♦ Katharine Britton ♦ Erica Bauermeister ♦ Cynthia Racette ♦ Jytosna Sreenivasan ♦ Grace Wen ♦ Samantha Hoffman ♦ Deeba Salim Irfan ♦ Susan Wiggs ♦ Barbara Claypole White ♦ Ilie Ruby ♦ Erika Robuck ♦ Margaret Dilloway ♦ Ariel Lawhon ♦ Keith Cronin* ♦ Kellie Coates Gilbert ♦ Karen Stivali ♦ Maggie Dana ♦ Shelle Sumners ♦ Kelly O’Connor McNees ♦ Juliette Fay ♦ Terri Bruce ♦ Sharla Lovelace ♦ Katherine Scott Crawford ♦ Roberta Gately ♦ Seré Prince Halverson ♦ Janet Josselyn ♦ Holly Robinson* ♦ Rita Plush ♦ Nancy DiMauro ♦ Ellen Marie Wiseman ♦ Nancy LaPonzina ♦ 

* authors who’ve visited before and are kind enough to come back! 


 ♦ Jael McHenry ♦ Keith Cronin ♦ Meg Waite Clayton ♦ Jennifer Weiner ♦ Tina Ann Forkner ♦ Erin Blakemore ♦ Cathy Lamb ♦ Kathryn Magendie ♦ Liz Michalski ♦ Terri DuLong ♦ Kristina Riggle ♦ Denise Dietz ♦ Gordon Aalborg ♦  Eleanor Brown ♦ Lauren Baratz-Logsted ♦ Claire Cook ♦ Wendy Wax ♦ Camille Noe Pagán ♦ Ellen Sussman ♦ Melissa Senate ♦ Erika Robuck ♦ Cavanaugh Lee ♦ Amy Hatvany ♦ Melissa Ford ♦ Sarah McCoy ♦ Allison Winn Scotch ♦ Stacey Ballis ♦ Kelly Simmons ♦ Laura Harrington ♦ Amy Stolls ♦ Ruth Harris ♦ Barbara O’Neal ♦ Sally Koslow ♦ Wendy Delsol ♦ Randy Susan Meyers ♦ Lisa Patton ♦ Nancy Jensen ♦ Marilyn Brant ♦ Jessica McCann ♦ Therese Walsh ♦ Tamar Cohen ♦ Holly Robinson Cookson ♦

13 thoughts on “Guest Authors

  1. Hi Amy, just stumbled on your site today while googling “writing women’s fiction.” Seems to be really filling an empty niche. I’d like to read some of these previous interviews, but can’t seem to click on them. what am I doing wriong?
    Lokking forward to more. Judy


  2. I write historical fiction (about women) and have a blog about “real” women who went to sea on board whaling vessels with their captain husbands. My first manuscript (about a whaling wife) is currently with an agent – so I’m waiting to hear if she loves it enough to publish. I will be back here regularly to see what’s new.


  3. Hi. I’m a woman who writes fiction – and this blog is great. It’s really interesting hearing from other authors – it’s often a lonely job otherwise! Thanks for the great posts. And good luck with it all.


  4. Jennie Shortridge has hit the proverbial nail on the head (even though the use of a hammer is stereotypically male) when she says that women–especially in the business world–are sent the message “that empathy and compassion are not as important as power and might.” Yet when women try to exercise power and gather might, the message becomes “don’t be a b****.” (Try Sheryl Sandberg for something that should be fiction, but isn’t.) Combine that with the counter-message that women also have to be beautiful, sexy, and forever young and it’s no wonder that women seek relief in fiction.

    As women fiction writers, we all need to be aware of what Jennie points out: the impact of our writing on individual readers and the potential to change the world. Great column.


  5. I’m sorry but I don’t see an option for search or an option to list out the category for posts. How do we search for something here? Thanks.


    • Good catch, Carolyn! I just redesigned the site. The categories drop-down list is back now. I hope you can find who you’re looking for! I can’t seem to add a search function but you can always Google “anything” combined with Women’s Fiction Writers and the blog will pop right up! If I can help, let me know!



    • I am thinking that New Adult is New Adult, not Women’s Fiction. Different demographic. And fantasy is also a very specific genre. I’d say the bulk of women’s fiction is realistic fiction–whether it’s contemporary or historical. I’ve seen magical realism in WF. The combo-genres do very well of course. So who knows! Good luck!


  6. Hi Amy

    Came across this blog today and this looks like a really interesting community. Will be back more often to explore. Thank you for putting this site. I was looking for a place where you can reach a lot of writers and this seems wonderful



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