What do a book deal, a whoopie pie and a bouquet of flowers have in common?


Except today my book deal was announced so I had a whoopie pie! (I opt for sweets over alcohol every.single.time!) And, I received these beautiful flowers from my bff and her family.

All in all, a delicious, fulfilling, humbling-beyond-belief kind of day — the first of many I’m thinking – although I’m going to save whoopie pie consumption for only the most auspicious occasions.

Here’s the official announcement excerpted from Publisher’s Marketplace:

Amy Sue Nathan’s THE GLASS WIVES, a portrait of the effects of divorce and death on the modern family unit where a woman is compelled to live with her ex-husband’s widow and her baby in order to save the home she loves, all while dealing with the scandal which erupts in their suburban paradise, to Brenda Copeland at St. Martin’s, by Jason Yarn at Paradigm.

Of course a huge thanks goes to Jason who has believed in me and my novel from Day One when I met him via a Query Tracker contest.  My editor, Brenda Copeland, has enough enthusiasm for the book and confidence in me to fill a stadium.

Again, it’s all pretty exciting and very humbling. I have a feeling the best is yet to come and I hope you’ll stick around and find out right along with me.

~ Amy

32 thoughts on “What do a book deal, a whoopie pie and a bouquet of flowers have in common?

  1. I am plain OVER THE MOON for you! Completely deserved and absolutely renews my faith in good people getting what they deserve! You’re such a fabulous supporter of others and I truly am going to sit down and eat myself a donut in your honor. At this rate, the next book might have to be The PASTRY Wives. 😉 xxoo


  2. Woo hoo! Break out the whoopie pies, chocolate and champagne! Such wonderful news!
    You must be walking on cloud nine and you’ve earned it. Enjoy this moment and I’m sure
    many more wonderful moments are yet to come!


  3. Woohoo! Amy, I am so thrilled for you and can’t wait to follow along while you experience all the excitement and adventure that lies ahead. Yay!!! (But what’s this about having to choose: alcohol or sweets? I thought I got to have both!;))


  4. Congratulations, Amy! I am a childhood friend of your mom and she has been keeping me abreast of all your achievements. This, by far, surpasses all of them. Bask in the joy of your success and know that many people share and rejoice with you.


  5. Amy, your good news had me misty-eyed the entire day. So happy for you! I’m saving my pennies in order to attend your very first book signing (which I’m sure will be in your town, and not mine).

    Wish we lived closer to each other for celebration and other things, such as shoe shopping. 😉 ((HUGS)) ((HUGS)) ((HUGS))


  6. Congratulations. I love hearing about when good things happen to good and well-deserving people! Can’t wait to hear more about your book and hopefully you’ll let me review it on MaNiC MoMMy! (PS, I’m in the waiting stages for my book too, I’m hoping to be on YOUR side soon! I want a WHOOPIE PIE! LOL!)


  7. HUGE congratulatons — I hope we can see an interview with YOU soon on your wonderful blog — can’t wait to read all about your journey to publication and your best advice! Very, very happy for you! Maybe you could even have aNOTHER whoopie pie!?


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