Pearls and Tiaras and Blog Posts, Oh My!

I am thrilled to be joining the 2013 Class at The Debutante Ball.  The Debutant Ball is a multi-genre blog of debut authors that started in 2007.

The new class of Debs takes over on September 3, and I’ll be there blogging once-a-week in addition to the usual twice-a-week here on WFW (you didn’t think I was leaving my peeps and my ‘hood now, did you???).  The more the crazier merrier, right?  More info to follow through August, but I just wanted you all to know!

Grab your tiara and check out the new Debs here. You can follow the Debs on Twitter @DebutanteBall, so don’t forget your pearls.

Amy xo


16 thoughts on “Pearls and Tiaras and Blog Posts, Oh My!

  1. Woo-hoo! You’re in good company. Another one of the debs, Kelly Harms Wimmer, is a dear friend and fellow writer from Madison, Wis.


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