Everything In A Novel Has Its Purpose. Even A Cup Of Coffee.

I changed the cover photo on my Facebook author page.  I did this because I found a few images that reminded me of The Glass Wives, if not exactly, then sort of.  My plan is that leading up to the launch of my novel I’ll change these photos several times, whenever my internet travels present images that hit me as relevant.  Nothing specific, no spoilers, nothing given away, just the tone of the book, the essence of the characters — what’s important, and even what may be something minor.  Because nothing in a novel is in it accidentally and everything has a purpose.  Every cup of coffee, every child’s soccer game, every cookie, every foray online, every hug.

Ok, the photo of the coffee and cake has a little green garnish and there are no garnishes in my novel.  Hey, no one’s perfect.

Let me know what the images make you think of — what the photos say to you.  And if you haven’t “liked” me on Facebook, I think you get like gazillion good karma points if you do. Or something like that.

I’m in the throes of college move-in, and will be here with a post soon about how college move-in day is like writing a novel. Because it is! 

Click here to see the photos and *like* my page!

17 thoughts on “Everything In A Novel Has Its Purpose. Even A Cup Of Coffee.

  1. I have to say, looking at these photos evokes a certain feeling. Definitely makes me want to read your novel.

    Good luck with college move-in. I am anxious to hear about it. I will be doing the same thing in a few weeks with my oldest. Yikes!


  2. Yes, freshman year is definitely the most difficult. I had to keep my oldest son’s bedroom door shut for, like, three weeks, because every time I went in there I wanted to cry–and NOT just because of the mess! Amy, I love these images, and the idea that you’re capturing the feel of your novel (for me, the images convey love, sustenance, small comforts, friendship, family, warmth) What a great way to express the themes of your novel in a new way!


  3. Dang, from the title, I was hoping for a picture of a gun. You know, Chekhov’s gun….

    The photos made me think of kids playing soccer, a cup of coffee, a woman on a laptop, and hugs. Aww, hugs. I know I’m supposed to see a deeper meaning to them, but they look like stock photos, so I don’t feel anything at all.

    You know what would be awesome? If you took the photos yourself from the things you see around you that are inspiration for your novel, instead of using photos random people took in studios. Then they would have a lot more significance. And you could take a photo of your coffee without garnish :p


  4. Watching my kids play, relaxing during some “me time, keeping in touch with long-distance friends/family, and my granddaughter who is being born today! Literally–I’m in hospital waiting room now.

    I like the idea of a collection of pictures (and I like stock photos too) that show elements/moods of a book. Will have to work on that for mine.

    Lovely blog, glad to have found you, and May of next year seems way to far to wait to read your book.


    • Oh Jennifer – thank you! May does seem far away, doesn’t it? But once winter comes and goes – it’ll be here. Not that I like winter, mind you… Glad you found the blog too! And that you saw inside the photos. 🙂


  5. AWESOME idea on the photo idea – I love it! But I’m terrible at Rorschach tests – I never get the right answer 🙂 Um, um….I get a sense of conflict when I look at the photos – the kids represent motherhood/family and the coffee and computer represent career/work. I see a woman watching her kids playing outside, through the window, but she’s on deadline/has work to do – so back to the coffee and the keyboard. Then the baby’s crying, which – as a mother, she wants to comfort him/her, but as a career woman, she’s annoyed – she doesn’t have time for this!…okay, well, either that or maybe I just got a new story idea is all, LOL! 🙂


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