A Book Cover Is Worth A Thousand Words…And A Sneak Peek Inside!

Okay, it’s more like this cover is worth 84,000 words.

My words.

I’m beyond thrilled to officially share the cover for The Glass Wives. Can’t wait to hold this baby in my hands. Okay, yes, I did print a copy and wrap it around another book, you know, just for kicks, but you know what I mean.

Big hugs and thanks to an amazing cover designer and my editor Brenda Copeland, and the team at St. Martin’s, who have always had the perfect vision for The Glass Wives.

And this is proof.

Take a look. Don’t you just want to reach out and sip from one of those cups? What does this cover say to you?


And a special thank you to Randy Susan Meyers, a wonderful author and mentor, for her kind words which my publisher deemed just right for the front cover. It feels like a hug from a friend to see her name there with mine!

I hope you like it as much as I do!

Amy xo

And there’s more!!

Wouldn’t you know it? Just as I was wrapping up my Debutante Ball post for today, I received an email from my editor with sample pages of my book. And she said I could share them here with you! Truly? This is like Christmas! Or it would be if I celebrated Christmas.

If you click below, you can get a sneak peek of the INSIDE of THE GLASS WIVES! I love the fonts, the design. Heck, I love the page numbers. It’s not the final-final-final version, which means if you catch a mistake, it won’t be there in May. It also means you get to read the first three pages!

The Glass Wives-1  <— click here

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Amy xo

81 thoughts on “A Book Cover Is Worth A Thousand Words…And A Sneak Peek Inside!

  1. I love the cover (gorgeous) and I loved the first three pages even more. I can’t wait to read your book, Amy!! So exciting. And take it from someone who does celebrate Christmas — it’s so much better than Christmas!


  2. Absolutely gorgeous cover. It definitely evokes feeling. And love the first pages! You’ve really captured the emotions and told everyone’s history beautifully in those first 3 pages. Mazel tov!!!


  3. A huge congratulations on everything, Amy! I love your writing style and am very excited to read your book. That’s hysterical about printing out your cover and wrapping it around a book to see what it’ll look like.


  4. LOVE your cover! But no fair…..I read the sample and I certainly want MORE! Huge congrats to you, Amy! I can’t wait to read your novel. It has the promise of a great story and although I’m not Jewish, I’ve always been drawn to so many things from this culture. So I’m anxious for May and your debut release! All the best to you and much success!


  5. Oh, Amy! What fun. I love the cover and am so excited to have read your first pages. What a fabulous job of planting that “must-be-answered” question early on: why are these women in the same room together … And then answering it. Woo hoo! Off to a good start. Can’t wait to read the whole book. It’ll be here before you know it.


  6. Such a stunning cover! This would definitely turn my head in a bookstore, and I can defiitely see it becoming iconic: that book you NEED to read! The opening pages are beautiful. I particularly loved:

    “She looked across the room at Nicole who, within four
    years, had been Richard’s mistress, his wife, and now his widow.
    It wasn’t hard to imagine how she felt. The blood would have
    left her extremities. Her stomach would be in her throat. Her
    heart would ache for touch as her head searched for answers.
    No doubt she’d be nursing a cocktail of anger, sadness, and
    shock. Evie knew all this because she had mourned the same
    loss, but she had done it when Richard was alive.”

    Can’t wait to read it!


  7. Congratulations! How very exciting. I can’t imagine the pride you must feel at seeing “your baby” spring to life. If I saw that cover in the store, I’d pick it up.

    I have to admit, I gasped when I started reading the excerpt. I spend all day working on my POS WIP, spend my life inside the head of “my” Evie—so I did a major double take. Too funny.

    Congrats again. Can’t wait to read the rest!


  8. The cover is GORGEOUS and the sneak peek tantalizing. I love the juxtaposition between the two women–new wife and old wife, emphasized by the Jewish/Christian element. It’s an intense scene…it kind of hurt to read it. Really well written. I’m so happy for you, Amy! Congratulations!!


  9. The best first three pages ever…love it! So much emotion tied in with the memories and the off kiltered ambience. Can’t wait to read more…….love the beginning, the quote and the cover. all so feminine yet independent. Evie just might be a new role model to consider.

    All the best wishes to you always!

    Love you



  10. Congratulations, Amy! Add me to the list of everyone who 1.) loves the cover (I am a sky and clouds girl) and, 2.) is super excited for you and can’t wait to read it! Your beginning pages have pulled me in. I like the font, too. Woo hoo for you! Thanks for sharing; it’s fun to go through the excitement with an almost-published-author! It must be so hard to have to wait allllll the way until May!


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