Help Choose The New(ish) Cover For The Glass Wives!

We’ve tweaked the cover for The Glass Wives, my friends! Can you believe it? I loved, loved, loved the original cover but this change makes sense to me as it represents the two main characters in the book as being different, as well as similar.

That being said, WE want to know what YOU think! Which cover do you prefer? That’s right! My editor and my publisher want to know what YOU think (they are awesome like that). The original cover is off-the-table, so pick A or B and have your say! You can leave me a comment as well, of course, and let me know your thoughts. I know it seems like a small change, and while it might be technically small, a lot of very smart publishing professionals have put their heads together to come to this conclusion.  I am fortunate they care so much about The Glass Wives, even if I did have teacup nightmares once or twice since last week.

When the cover is officially official (again) I’ll post it here!

You can click on the image below to see the covers even larger. Don’t forget to participate in the poll below!



15 thoughts on “Help Choose The New(ish) Cover For The Glass Wives!

  1. At first I couldn’t see the difference, lol! Then when I looked at both separately, cover B stood out for me. I think the pink pattern on the teacup should be facing front, as it unites with the colour of the title (and it’s more girly which goes with ‘wives’) 😉

    Good luck!


  2. Just added another vote for B! Thanks for letting us in on this piece, Amy Sue. It’s such a learning experience, isn’t it, how it’s never really DONE until it’s on the shelf, I swear!:)


  3. Another B vote here! I don’t know why, but it popped more for me. I think it’s because pink, as a derivative of red is more of an eye-catching color, so I liked “punctuating” the sequence of the teacups with more of a statement/eye catching color. “Punctuating” it with blue, the blue got more lost.

    Fun that they want to know what we think! Yay!


  4. B without a doubt! As a visual, the red picks up the color of the title and draws the eye in a nice diagonal from left to right, which is the way our eyes naturally want to go on a book. I think this is a great tweak, having mismatched teacups, because that says a lot about the wives. Nice that your publisher is willing to play with the cover–and have people weigh in!


  5. Definitely the pink for the tie in to the title color, but it’s such a minor thing, it wouldn’t really matter. I do think the two different colors of cups are good. I probably would’ve gone a step further and done two totally different teacups, but that’s what I get for being a creative director. You can always count on me for a creative opinion. 🙂


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