A WFW Book Review: Beach Plum Island by Holly Robinson

Taking Inspiration from Author Holly Robinson

beach-plum-islandAs I’m awaiting edits on my second novel from my editor, guess what I’m doing? Writing another story. Now, that may seem presumptuous. It may seem crazy. Why not take a break? Well, the more I write, the more I write. Does that make sense? It would certainly make sense to author Holly Robinson, my friend, and one of the busiest writers I know. Holly is a novelist, ghost writer, freelancer, and award-winning journalist. In addition to those things, she’s a wife, mom of FIVE, and dedicated daughter. So when I think I’M SO BUSY and my thoughts jumble, I conjure up a vision of Holly doing everything she does. And then I get back to work.

Today, Holly’s second novel with NAL is out for the world to enjoy. BEACH PLUM ISLAND is her second novel with this publisher, but her third novel, and fourth book. Holly’s memoir, THE GERBIL FARMER’S DAUGHTER was published in 2010 by Broadway Books, and Holly self-published her novel, SLEEPING TIGERS, just as she got a contract THE WISHING HILL from NAL. And, now Holly is working on her third novel for NAL, LAKE UTOPIA, due out in 2015.


I read an early copy of Holly’s novel and was thrilled to offer this blurb!

“In Beach Plum Island, Holly Robinson’s rich details transport you to picturesque New England and right into the core of the conflicted Barrett family. Robinson tugs at your emotions from the viewpoint of the three complex and very different Barrett sisters: Ava, Elaine, and Gigi, through whom the author deftly explores grief, secrets, and shunned family ties. This story reveals the way people become stronger when they are together rather than apart, and proves that it is never to late to become a family. Beach Plum Island is a triumphant family saga filled with heart and hope. I couldn’t put it down!” –Amy Sue Nathan, author of The Glass Wives

What I loved about BEACH PLUM ISLAND is similar to what I loved about THE WISHING HILL. Holly has a way of story telling, through three Points Of View (THREE!) that I find masterful. The story keeps going, and I, the reader, get to involve myself on multiple levels because of these three POV characters.

As mentioned above, BEACH PLUM ISLAND is about three sisters.  They figure out a family mystery after their father dies, and in the process, also figure out their own family dynamics. Ava, Elaine, and Gigi are sisters who have their own story lines, their own problems, but Holly has a way to make sure that nothing gets lost in the individual character—that everything has its place.  The setting, the Massachusetts shoreline, is vivid and unusual and real! The best part of the setting is that it’s familiar to Holly (it’s where she lives) and therefore she is able to make it familiar for her reader.

Now, back to that POV thing. Writers are often asking for suggestions about works of women’s fiction that exemplify certain things they want to learn about in their writing. It’s always difficult for me to pull a book title out of a hat—so here’s my suggestion. If you want a good read about a sisters finding their place in the world that encompasses their unusual family, and want, in the reading process, to see how an author deftly pulls off story telling from three points of view—then get acquainted with Holly Robinson’s BEACH PLUM ISLAND. I can say the same for THE WISHING HILL as well.

But it’s LAUNCH DAY for BEACH PLUM ISLAND! So, CONGRATULATIONS, HOLLY! Thanks for another great read!

Find out more about Holly here: http://authorhollyrobinson.com/ (She has great posts on writing!)

Buy BEACH PLUM ISLAND here and here or at your local bookstore!

Want to read more about Holly? Here’s the WFW interview from last year, about THE WISHING HILL.


Me and Holly—July 2013

Me and Holly—July 2013



9 thoughts on “A WFW Book Review: Beach Plum Island by Holly Robinson

  1. Congrats to you, Holly, this sounds like a wonderful book! You are one busy lady, I don’t know how you do it all!


  2. Oh, Amy, and all of you at WFA, I have to say that I’m absolutely thrilled–not just with the publication of my second novel with NAL, but because I get to be in the company of such wonderfully witty, intelligent writers who are always stopping by Amy’s incredible web site. Thank you for letting me be part of the conversation.


  3. I am really looking forward to reading BEACH PLUM ISLAND. I love books about sisters, and just finished reading THE MOON SISTERS by Therese Walsh. I read THE WISHING HILL a few months ago and couldn’t put it down.


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