Holiday Flashback: A Jewish Mom’s Christmas Poem

You might remember this, you might not. I wrote it quite a few years ago and post it every year, when I remember to do so. And I’m remembering! Hanukkah doesn’t rival Christmas on the holiday scale. Jewish “big” days are Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and I’d add Passover. But it’s hard to ignore a holiday that’s everywhere, even (or perhaps especially) when it’s not your own. It’s also hard to ignore a holiday that shuts down publishing for weeks.

I’ve always loved the secular Christmas hoopla that surrounds me. And yes, sometimes I covet it. (I don’t have any way or reason to be involved in the religious aspects.) I delight in Christmas in the malls, on the radio, on houses, on plates. I love to drive around and look at Christmas lights, and if someone says, “Merry Christmas,” I say, “Same to you.”

In my opinion, there is nothing bad about this time of year, except that all my network TV shows are on hiatus.

Amy xo


The Gingerbread Mensch

The Gingerbread Mensch

A Jewish Mom’s Christmas Poem

I’ve never had Christmas, it’s to my dismay
As I love all the lights, and the trees and the sleigh

I long for the red and the green M&Ms
There’s a hole in my heart, where a caroler stems

I have a bay window, where a tree would look grand
And not one but two fireplaces, where St. Nick could stand

I would cook up a dinner, put Thanksgiving to shame,
I would revel in guests, endlessly entertain

Yet my heritage dictates, and beliefs coincide
That memories of Maccabees, bring December pride

It’s not a big feast, it’s a festival just
But celebration and eating, are a Hanukkah must

It’s not Jewish Christmas, it celebrates light
And a small and strong army, that fought with much might

Though I love all the fuss, that is Christmas each year
I hold my own holidays steadfast and dear

I do not miss, what I never have had
So when others are puzzled, thinking I’m sad

I assure them I’m happy, it does not take a toll
To watch Christmas pass by, while eating egg roll

I’ll unpack the menorahs, make a final gift run,
Hanukkah here, will be nothing but fun

But I’ll stand at the window, on your Christmas Eve
And watch out for Santa, because it’s good to believe.


11 thoughts on “Holiday Flashback: A Jewish Mom’s Christmas Poem

  1. Love it! My husband is Jewish and we have a Christmas tree and Menorah! I do go to synagogue with him and he comes to church with me. He even takes communion, although his rabbi would probably be less than thrilled. Happy Hanukkah!


  2. Thank you for sharing your poem and your culture with me, Amy.
    Though Christmas does tend to overshadow, I have had the good fortune to learn more about the the many festivals of light — Yule, Diwali and Hanukkah. And this knowledge has enriched my spiritual believes.


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