WFW Audio: A Conversation with Holly Robinson and Amy Sue Nathan


Welcome to the first Audio Post on Women’s Fiction Writers! (It could also be the last if no one else visits me. No guilt though. No pressure either.)

Today, I’m hanging out with my friend, author Holly Robinson (and her very tolerant and easy-going husband) and we talk about writing, and her new novel, Chance Harbor. Then, Holly flips the table and starts asking me questions (sneaky Holly). I think both of us forgot the recorder was on. 

And and instead of staring at your monitor, you can eat lunch, fold the laundry, whatever. We’re accommodating that way! 

Like THE GOOD NEIGHBOR, Holly’s newest novel, CHANCE HARBOR, doesn’t come out until October, but there are links below so you can find out more. You’re going to be glad I added those links once you hear about the book!

Fair warning, friends…this audio chat is unrehearsed, unedited, and somewhat unrefined. (Which means you’ll probably love it!)

Amy xo

FullSizeRender (2)

chance harborCHANCE HARBOR is available for pre-order on B&N, Amazon, and at your favorite local bookstore.

Find out more about Holly’s other books by clicking here.

Like and Follow Holly on Facebook! (C’mon, she’s so likable!)

13 thoughts on “WFW Audio: A Conversation with Holly Robinson and Amy Sue Nathan

  1. Wow! Loved it! Thank you so much, Amy Sue and Holly for this fresh approach to guest posting. I listened while having my morning cup of tea and felt as though I was almost there with you on the other side of the Atlantic. Felt so much more personal. Holly, how could any mother leave her children at a bus stop and never turn back? Inspiration for a novel indeed! Congratulations on your many books. I, too, am writing a new novel which takes place partly in P.E.I. (mine is set a hundred years ago, mind you) so that makes me all the more curious about your book. I will definitely check it out. I am Canadian, though I live in Sweden. Wonderful hearing about your publishing experiences and advice. Wishing both of you all the best with your new releases. /Susan

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  2. I have both been reading and sharing Holly’s books with a Lady I visit in a nursing home. She has enjoyed them tremendously. Think about purchasing two copies when you purchase the next book and share with someone. You will make their day and yours.

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  3. Amy, I loved the audio interview with Holly. And because the two of you are such good friends and supporters of each other, this interview felt like I was sitting there myself. Holly…I have to add that the ‘real life’ story of the mother who abandoned her children at the bus station, actually made me gasp. It broke my heart to think of those two little children who never saw their mother again. I know such things happen but it is so sad. I am presently in the middle of my WIP and can relate to your comments about not beating yourself up over a chapter, paragraph, etc., that you know just stinks. It can be fixed later. Thanks so much for letting me sit on this fun conversation about writing. …Now I have to get back to writing! 🙂

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  4. This was wonderful. Thank you for inviting me into your conversation. I especially appreciate what you said about not giving up and what what you said about the synopsis very helpful.
    Why helpful?
    Because I always thought that if you wrote it in your synopsis it had to happen in the book. And what I heard you say is that this doesn’t have to be so. (And if I’m right) That gives me such a sense of freedom.

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    • Oh, good, I’m glad the stuff about the synopsis was helpful. I know I’ve struggled to write them, always thinking they’ll suck the creativity out of whatever I’m writing, but the opposite is true. Good luck with yours!


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