Guest Post: M.L. Gamble’s Journey To Becoming Author Emelle Gamble

SS_cover_200_x_300Publishing is like Chicago’s summer weather. Just wait a second, and it’ll change. And I’m thinking that’s not necessarily a bad thing because it’s invigorating, exciting, keeps us guessing (and we can’t do anything about it so we might as well embrace it. That goes for the weather and the changes in this industry). 

This is an exciting time for authors to be published. And I do mean be published, not self-publish (that’s fine too, just not what I’m addressing, so no hate-email, please). There are traditional publishers, small publishers, university presses, e-publishers, and publishers that are some crazy combination of all those and maybe something else. What this means, to me, is that there are opportunities more than there are not. I love the idea that editors are working. (Hello? I’m an editor.) So while one road was right for me, that same road might be right for you, or it may not. I think as writers the best thing we can do is encourage each other to do our very best and seek the very best for our stories.

Author Emelle Gamble has found that very best for her stories in different ways at different times, and she’s here today to tell that story. I hope you’ll share yours!

Please welcome Emelle Gamble to Women’s Fiction Writers!

Amy xo

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