Giveaway & Guest Post: Author Tina Ann Forkner



Jeanne Takenaka is the winner!DSC_0084

I don’t do many giveaways on Women’s Fiction Writers so you know this is a big deal! Today author Tina Ann Forkner is giving away two of her three novels, WAKING UP JOY (published in October by Tule Publishing) and ROSE HOUSE, published in 2009. And just for kicks — I’m giving away a copy of THE GLASS WIVES to the winner as well. You’ve read all these books, you say? Well someone told me that some gift giving holidays are right around the corner! 

I loved all Tina’s books but I have a special place in my heart for WAKING UP JOY, and today you’ll find out why. I also have a special place in my heart for Tina. We met when I was an anonymous mommy blogger in 2006 and have truly come a long way. All the way to meeting in person for the first time earlier this year!


Today you’ll read about Tina’s publishing journey, and you’ll likely be inspired for your own. Just leave a comment about your publishing journey—or about anything else reading, writing, book, or cute kitten related (I just love those cute kitty videos!)—and one lucky reader will win all three books! The winner will be chosen on Friday! US addresses only. 

Amy xo

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Big Book Giveaway Winners Announced!

Thank you all for helping to make my birthday simply fabulous! Now, some fabulousness for you!

If your name is below–you’ve won a book! Please email your USA mailing address to womensfictionwriters @ gmail . com. Let me know if you’d like the book signed. I’ll send addresses to authors.


Amy xo

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Three Turning Points and a Tremendous Book Giveaway

The Three Turning Points

the endTwo weeks ago I turned in my second novel, FINDING IZZY LANE, to my editor at St. Martin’s Press! I’m pleased with the book and eager to hunker down with edits and get this novel out to readers, hopefully Spring 2015. But this is publishing folks, so of course, that could mean winter or summer or fall! I’ll write more about the book as time goes on, but for now, here’s the lowdown on Izzy!

Lies, love, and the internet collide when divorced mom Izzy Lane moonlights as a dating expert for a popular website, even though she hasn’t dated in years. In real life, Izzy has moved back to her childhood home with her five-year-old son, is still hung-up on her unemployed ex-husband, and spends weekends hanging out with an eighty-five-year-old neighbor who harbors secrets of her own. When Izzy discovers some lies can last a lifetime, she must decide if telling the truth to avoid that fate, is worth risking the friendships, love, and job she’s come to count on.

50Today, I turn FIFTY! Yes, that’s 5-0 and I’m fine with it! I bought myself a new pair of earrings and matching necklace from Etsy (I heart Etsy). Last weekend my daughter and my son came home from their respective colleges just to celebrate with me. I’ve had, and am having, celebrations with friends. In early March I’ll celebrate with my immediate family and a few cherished (I won’t say “old”) friends during a weekend away. Now, if random strangers would be kind enough to say I don’t look old enough to have a 22-year-old son graduating from college, that’d be super. I may be fine with fifty, but I’m not above a little flattery.

blogIn March, Women’s Fiction Writers turns THREE! I’d already been blogging for five years, but it took me six months to get up the gumption to start Women’s Fiction Writers in 2011. Then, WFW took on a life of its own. Thanks to all the authors who’ve participated and all the writers and readers who welcome it into their inbox and swing by once or twice a week. In 2013, WFW had over 37,000 views from over 137 countries. That, my friends, is another reason to celebrate. Want to see all the authors who’ve been here (and some to come)? Click here.

The Tremendous Book Giveaway

surpriseIn honor of these three turning points, and because I don’t yet have my new book to give away—as a thank you for hanging out here, and supporting me in all kinds of awesome ways, just leave a comment and 13 of you can each win one of 13 books by 11 amazing authors. You have twenty four hours to enter, and prizes will only be mailed within the United States. Tweet it or FB the link and add another comment for a double or triple entry (but that’s it, tweet it a gazillion time, still only one Twitter entry). You can also *like* my FB page and sign up for my newsletter (but if you’ve already signed up, please don’t sign up again, just tell me you’ve done so) to enter as well. Winners will be chosen and books awarded randomly (unless there’s one you’re dying to have, make a note of it, and if you win, I’ll do my best!). You can only win once. If you can’t be reached via email someone else will be chosen right away. Winners will be announced on the blog and emailed by Friday morning.

It’s easy. Leave a comment, tweet, like, or click to win a book. Good luck!

Amy xo

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THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR by Barbara Claypole White: An Author Interview & A Book Giveaway



 Andrea Lochen is the winner of the signed copy of THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR!



Author Barbara Claypole White is not new to Women’s Fiction Writers or to many of you! She’s the author of THE UNFINISHED GARDEN and now, THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR. One of my favorite parts of being both an author and a book blogger is reading some books before everyone else. I hold them close, like well-kept secrets with an expiration date. I know I get to share, and when, but for a while they’re mine-all-mine! I read an ARC (advance reader copy) of THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR and loved it so much I wrote a blurb for the finished book. So you won’t be surprised that I loved it as both a reader and a writer. Barbara’s books traverse some dark areas, but she does so with such great care and respect for her characters that it’s a pleasure to read. Barbara’s powers of description (and they are powers) are remarkable, as she paints vivid pictures of her story for the reader to get lost in. 

My blurb of THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR: “In THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR Barbara Claypole White’s elegant prose paints a vivid portrait of multi-generational families, unlikely friendships, crushing loss and binding love. THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR breaks your heart and mends it at the same time.”

Below, Barbara shares her personal journey to write this book, and some tidbits about her next one. And she offers advice on the benefits of failing. 

One winner of a signed copy of THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR will be chosen at random next Wednesday. Just leave a comment about writing or reading or Barbara’s interview to be entered to win. If your email address isn’t part of your entry, either through a link or by adding it to the comment, and you don’t read the blog regularly by subscribing (GASP), we’ll have no way to let you know you’ve won. (Happens ALL THE TIME!) So — include your email! 

Now—please welcome Barbara Claypole White to Women’s Fiction Writers!

Amy xo

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WHAT SHE LEFT BEHIND by Ellen Marie Wiseman: A Book Review and Giveaway To Kick-Off 2014

Happy 2014 Women’s Fiction Writers!

wslbLet’s start the new year in style with a giveaway of TWO copies of Ellen Marie Wiseman’s new novel, WHAT SHE LEFT BEHIND.

I don’t normally do traditional book reviews on WFW but I wanted to share my thoughts on this book and its author. I don’t do a lot of giveaways either, but it’s the new year and all, and what better way to usher in the new year than with a new book?

Just leave a comment below to be entered, and the winners will be announced on Wednesday, January 8th. I think I’m supposed to say that I received a copy of this novel from the author but promised nothing in return, or something like that. Actually the review was my idea and Ellen has thanked me for doing it. So, Ellen, you’re welcome. (Now get back to work on your next novel!)

WHAT SHE LEFT BEHIND is Ellen Marie Wiseman’s second novel. If I gave out stars I’d give it five. The novel is set in the present and in the past, which I always find fascinating, because the thought of doing that myself makes my head hurt. So this is both contemporary and historical fiction in which the author seamlessly weaves together two plots and a compelling cast of characters amidst a detailed and haunting setting.

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