Author Mingmei Yip Says That When You Know A Subject Deeply, The More Lightly You Can Use It In Your Writing

Nine Fold Heaven - Cover ArtOne of the perks of hosting Women’s Fiction Writers is being able to read and think about the interviews before they “go live” on the Internet. I love what Author Mingmei Yip has to say about incorporating culture into fiction. She says, “The more you know, the more lightly you can use your learning when you write.” I hadn’t thought of it that way before. When a writer knows a subject well, he or she can be more judicious in parceling out that information in the book. With an inherent understanding of this element in a novel,there’s  no need to beat the reader over the head with it. (And they are grateful) Do you agree? Share your thoughts!

And please welcome Mingmei Yip to Women’s Fiction Writers!

 Amy xo

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