Guest Post: Author Midge Raymond Talks About Being An Everyday Writer

everyday_writing_highTalk about good timing! Today author Midge Raymond talks about being an everyday writer, and it’s just one week into Nanowrimo (National Novel Writing Month)! If you’re not familiar, from November 1 to November 30 bazillions of writers  (I counted) will crank out 50,000 words. I bet each of them is writing every day! 

I’m not “nano-ing” this year, I’m revising a draft of my new novel. But I still want to do that every day. I think my favorite advice below is #5. Probably because I often forget to do it and realize how important it is. Tell us your favorite bit of advice in the comments below! 

And please welcome Midge Raymond to Women’s Fiction Writers! 

Amy xo

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