Book Cover Reveal For Historical Fiction Author Renee Rosen’s “WHAT THE LADY WANTS”

rrasn2014There is undeniable joy to having in-real-life friends who are authors. Hugs and wine are just part of it.  I am always so happy to share in my friends’ triumphs (tribulation sharing builds the bond, but it’s not  joyful).Truly, what more could a writer want than to be part of someone else’s story?

That’s why today I’m thrilled to present the cover for my friend, Renee Rosen’s, cover for her next novel, WHAT THE LADY WANTS.

When this photo of us was taken, just a few weeks ago at our favorite meeting place in Chicago, there were still tweaks and decisions to be made, there was still no official date she could share the cover. Now it’s here!

Renee is also the author of DOLLFACE, and you can read the WFW interview here.

But right now, let’s focus on WHAT THE LADY WANTS.

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Worth The Wait! Author Renee Rosen’s DOLLFACE Took A Ten Year Road To Publication

dollfaceI was lucky to read an early copy of DOLLFACE by Renee Rosen, a novel of 1920s Chicago. Why does this historical novel belong on Women’s Fiction Writers? DOLLFACE is written from a women’s point of view. It’s an engaging, fast-paced, novel with full, rich characters with things to figure out about themselves, their lives and loves. And yes, there’s lots of action in 1920s Chicago as well. There are a few violent scenes (it is about gangsters) but these scenes are not gratuitous. They are part of the story. Only one made me flinch (and I’ll tell you which one if you’ve read the book).

Renee is one of my dearest writer friends. She has held my hand through some pretty writing and publishing decisions and she was my roommate at the Heartland Fall Festival. Renee is like an encyclopedia of publishing information, and always willing to share. She shoots straight (DOLLFACE pun alert!) and always does so with kindness.

And since timing is everything, guess what? Today I’m having lunch with Renee and authors Pamela Toler, Karen Doornebos, and Samantha Hoffman.

So please pass the punch and welcome my friend, Renee Rosen, to Women’s Fiction Writers!

Amy xo

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