Author Amy Hatvany Just Wants To Keep Doing What She Loves: Writing (And We’re Glad She Does!)

2D SAFE WITH ME coverYes, I really should start keeping track of how and where I meet authors! I met Amy Hatvany online somewhere at some point in the past five years (how’s that?) and we bonded over sharing a name—that, the fact that she was super supportive and positive before I even signed with an agent or sold my novel really made an impression on me—just like “the other Amy’s” women’s fiction! Today, Amy Hatvany shares with us where she got the idea for her latest novel SAFE WITH ME, how she writes her best-selling novels, and her matter-of-fact (and smart) thoughts on the term women’s fiction.

Please welcome Amy Hatvany back to Women’s Fiction Writers!

Amy xo

Renee Rosen, Me, Amy Hatvany, Nicole Lynn Baart

Renee Rosen, Me, Amy Hatvany, Nicole Lynn Baart

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