THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR by Barbara Claypole White: An Author Interview & A Book Giveaway



 Andrea Lochen is the winner of the signed copy of THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR!



Author Barbara Claypole White is not new to Women’s Fiction Writers or to many of you! She’s the author of THE UNFINISHED GARDEN and now, THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR. One of my favorite parts of being both an author and a book blogger is reading some books before everyone else. I hold them close, like well-kept secrets with an expiration date. I know I get to share, and when, but for a while they’re mine-all-mine! I read an ARC (advance reader copy) of THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR and loved it so much I wrote a blurb for the finished book. So you won’t be surprised that I loved it as both a reader and a writer. Barbara’s books traverse some dark areas, but she does so with such great care and respect for her characters that it’s a pleasure to read. Barbara’s powers of description (and they are powers) are remarkable, as she paints vivid pictures of her story for the reader to get lost in. 

My blurb of THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR: “In THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR Barbara Claypole White’s elegant prose paints a vivid portrait of multi-generational families, unlikely friendships, crushing loss and binding love. THE IN-BETWEEN HOUR breaks your heart and mends it at the same time.”

Below, Barbara shares her personal journey to write this book, and some tidbits about her next one. And she offers advice on the benefits of failing. 

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Now—please welcome Barbara Claypole White to Women’s Fiction Writers!

Amy xo

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