Guest Post: Author Elizabeth A. Havey Explores Short Story Writing

003Fiction comes in many forms. And while we usually focus on novels, today, author Elizabeth A. Havey (who you might recognize as Beth) is here to share her thoughts on short story writing. For me, short stories started as a way to jump from non-fiction to fiction, and then as a way to enter contests, and now (though not as often as I’d like) to challenge myself to do something new. In short stories I explored writing in first person, a male POV, and using more than one narrator. I’ve been fortunate to have short stories published in literary journals — but never enough stories for an anthology of my own, like Beth’s A MOTHER’S TIME CAPSULE. Short stories are a cousin to novels, with different needs and outcomes.  Do you write short stories? Do you read them? Share your thoughts in the comments, and please welcome Beth Havey to Women’s Fiction Writers. And don’t miss the photo at the end of the post!!!

Amy xo

Tips and Tales for Short Story Writing

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