Guest Post: Author and Publisher Adria Cimino Talks Book Cover Design—Or Lack Thereof

In the United States authors and readers clamor to see book covers, we ooh and aah, we hang large versions on our walls (yes we do). We pick up books with covers that catch our eye. But, what if books had plan covers, distinguished only by color and font? Well, I know they wouldn’t look as pretty on my book shelves, but would that eliminate some prejudice? Would it lower the cost of publication? Would people read books because of the inside and not the outside?  Today, Adria Cimino shares her experience as a writer, publisher, and ex-pat in France!  Share your thoughts about what draws YOU to a WF book cover (Adria is a publisher, after all) in the comments and please welcome Adria to WFW!  Amy xo

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Author Interview: Anita Hughes Takes Readers To France With An Exotic And Fun Summer Read

FrenchCoast_Final Cover 1.28Today I’m pleased to welcome Anita Hughes back to Women’s Fiction Writers! Her newest novel, FRENCH COAST, whisks you far away without leaving the comfort of your favorite chair. Or bed. Or beach blanket. Anita shares with us how she chose the location for FRENCH COAST, and offers advice on choosing character names when you’ve used your favorites for your children (and Anita has five children)! I’ve known Anita since before our debut novels were published, and she’s as lovely as she is prolific. FRENCH COAST is her fourth novel!

Please welcome Anita to Women’s Fiction Writers!

Amy xo

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