Holiday Hoopla! ARCs Of THE GLASS WIVES Have Landed!

The holidays are a crazy time — and a slow time. Around here, it’s perpetual Sunday. Both my kids are home, with no school, no studying.  They’re staying up late and sleeping late.  Meals are wonky. Schedules are non-existent. I’m still getting work done but not as much as I’d planned.  But—as you may have seen on Facebook or Twitter, my Advance Reading Copies of The Glass Wives arrived!


This milestone kicked-off a weekend-long celebration that included:

  • Reading random pages
  • Looking for a few favorite scenes to see how they read “for real”
  • Staring at the font on random pages
  • Holding the book in different positions just to see how it looked
  • Leaving the book in different rooms just to see how it looked
  • Sharing the fun news with friends and family IRL and online
  • Mailing a book to my parents, which resulted in marathon reading, even in the park, in the cold

TGW park

And once we’re all settled into 2013, I’ll have an ARC giveaway, so be sure to check back!

This week, I’m over at The Debutante Ball today instead of tomorrow (see what I mean about wonky holiday schedules?), appropriately talking about Endings. Book endings, specifically.  Don’t worry, there are no spoilers, but it might surprise you to learn how the ending for The Glass Wives actually came to be.  You can check it out here.

Another tidbit that might interest you are the acknowledgments that DIDN’T make it into the book.  There is no dedication or acknowledgments pages in the ARC, and I’m glad, because that’s one final surprise for the folks who do read it.  But there are many who couldn’t or wouldn’t make it into the book…and quite a few reasons why.  You can read The Acknowledgments That Won’t Make It Into My Book on Huffington Post Books, by clicking here.

See you one more time before next year!

Amy xo

I’m Thankful For Big Libraries, Small Towns, And A Smidgen Of Chutzpah

Learning to be an author in addition to being a writer is an interesting process. While in the midst of planning publicity, working on a new website, and sharing news both regularly and prudently (I think both are important), I’m very aware that yes, book sales are going to be an important factor if I don’t want to become a one-book wonder. (No intention of that, mind you, and WIP is coming along nicely, if I do say so myself. Which I do. Also have a tickling of a story for book 3!)

And then last week I learned that THE GLASS WIVES will be published in hardcover for the library market. That means that libraries can purchase a copy (or ten, um, book clubs!) of my novel and it will be sturdier and last longer than the trade paperback edition.  Because libraries are book buyers, this is a good thing. Whether we all like it or not, not everyone can afford to buy every book. And some people can’t afford or choose not to buy any books.  And this doesn’t mean they’re not book lovers or voracious readers. It means that I want libraries to have copies of my book so that everyone who wants to read it has the opportunity to do so, no matter where they choose to obtain their [legal, I’m looking at you, book pirating sites] copy.

The point here is to garner the attention of readers any way possible. This is not lost on me.

So, after I was finished with a personal celebration, knowing that my editor and publisher have confidence that libraries will want to stock-up on THE GLASS WIVES, I printed out THE GLASS WIVES page from the St. Martin’s Griffin Spring catalog, the first three pages, and a copy of the cover. And I marched my debut author behind over to the library in my town.

Small town. Big new library.

I introduced myself to the adult services librarian, leading with “I live in Small Town and St. Martin’s Press is publishing my first novel in May.”  Yes, that is a way to get a librarian’s attention. She was lovely, and interested, and her smile stretched across her face. She asked if she could shake my hand (heartily, I might add) to congratulate me.  She asked questions about how long it took me to write it, the agent-process, and she made many correct assumptions about the excitement level in my brain and heart.  The librarian needed to pass along my information (complete with actual telephone number) to the person who purchases fiction for the library because of course she was at lunch when I showed up.

I’m fortunate to live in an educated, education-centric community. I’m in contact with the local book club that started in 1938 and boasts over 100 members. It’s also not lost on me that the fact that THE GLASS WIVES is set in a Chicago suburb and about a divorced mom, and that I LIVE in a Chicago suburb and am a divorced mom, may send 9200 locals scampering for the book in stores, online, in this very library, looking for something or someone familiar, looking for answers and insights to my real life, or—gasp—theirs. They won’t find it, but hey, I’m no dummy.

I just nod and say, “You’ll have to read the book.”

Amy xo

A short synopsis of THE GLASS WIVES has now popped up on Goodreads! You can see that by clicking here—and if you’re so inclined to add it to your “to read” list, I think that gets you on Santa’s good list. I know it gets you on mine. xo

A Book Cover Is Worth A Thousand Words…And A Sneak Peek Inside!

Okay, it’s more like this cover is worth 84,000 words.

My words.

I’m beyond thrilled to officially share the cover for The Glass Wives. Can’t wait to hold this baby in my hands. Okay, yes, I did print a copy and wrap it around another book, you know, just for kicks, but you know what I mean.

Big hugs and thanks to an amazing cover designer and my editor Brenda Copeland, and the team at St. Martin’s, who have always had the perfect vision for The Glass Wives.

And this is proof.

Take a look. Don’t you just want to reach out and sip from one of those cups? What does this cover say to you?


And a special thank you to Randy Susan Meyers, a wonderful author and mentor, for her kind words which my publisher deemed just right for the front cover. It feels like a hug from a friend to see her name there with mine!

I hope you like it as much as I do!

Amy xo

And there’s more!!

Wouldn’t you know it? Just as I was wrapping up my Debutante Ball post for today, I received an email from my editor with sample pages of my book. And she said I could share them here with you! Truly? This is like Christmas! Or it would be if I celebrated Christmas.

If you click below, you can get a sneak peek of the INSIDE of THE GLASS WIVES! I love the fonts, the design. Heck, I love the page numbers. It’s not the final-final-final version, which means if you catch a mistake, it won’t be there in May. It also means you get to read the first three pages!

The Glass Wives-1  <— click here

Can’t wait to hear what you think!

Amy xo

My (No) Cover Story

While THE GLASS WIVES is now listed on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, it is there without its cover.  It’s a little frustrating, I know. I assume that one day I’ll just pop over there and the cover will be there, the same way I popped over last Monday and the book was listed. Publishing is full of fits and starts, surprises and delays.  But frankly, when the waiting results in something so cool as my book for sale, I’m okay with the waiting. Probably because I’ve seen the cover — or what I hope will be the cover — but the buck doesn’t stop here and I cannot share. Yet. I LOVE the cover and hope you will all love her too. (Yes, the cover is feminine. And since it’s women’s fiction, it totally works for me.)

So here I sit.  I do visit the sites several times an hour per day per week to see what, if anything, has changed.  I count the “likes,” I watch the rank, even though I’m not sure what any of it means or if it really means anything at all.

As I wait for the image to magically appear online — I look at other book covers.  What draws me in? What makes me pass? What colors appeal to me? What images make me cringe? (Sorry, Fabio.)

I’ve notice the trends in a lot of women’s fiction that includes cropped parts of women’s bodies or the backs of heads.  I like those covers. I like NOT seeing faces because I like discovering a character’s face on my own, in my own head.  But the back of a head, or an arm, or dangling legs? Yes, that evokes the right tone for many novels.  I also notice a lot of flowers on book covers for books that are not about flowers.  Flowers are pretty, so that makes sense to me.  I don’t require literal covers for the books I pick up — just something eye-catching. What confuses me sometimes is then a cover does not really convey the tone of the book.  I may pick up a book because I like the cover, read it and love it and realize the cover has nothing to do with the book and is even a little misleading.

I was fortunate to meet my cover designer this summer and that’s the only message I passed along, when asked. I didn’t have a specific image in mind for THE GLASS WIVES, I didn’t have colors I loved, or really anything I hated.  All I wanted was that the cover convey the tone of the book.  For example, whimsical covers are very popular. Cutesy covers are adorable and I always pick them up, but I didn’t think either would fit the novel, and my editor agreed.  And lucky — so did everyone else who has a hand in the cover process like marketing and sales.  Did you know they have a say? Now you do!

While we wait for the cover of THE GLASS WIVES to be officially released – tell me what you like about certain book covers and what you don’t like.  Tell me what you’d never pick up in a gazillion years.  Tell me what you think of this body-part trend and what other trends you’ve noticed in book covers.

Please help me pass the time as I patiently await the next part of this story!