The Little Writing Retreat That Wasn’t

Back in November, I had the best of intentions.

My sixteen-year-old daughter would be away (and safe and happy – essential for my peace of mind) for two-and-a-half days (my son is in college).  I stocked up on coffee and half-and-half (also essential) and snacks and coupons for take-out.  I replenished the dog-treat stash.  I devised a plan that consisted of reading and writing and watching movies based on books.

What did I really do?

I talked on the phone to friends and watched reality television.

And…it was fabulous!

I guess I needed a break.

Who knew?

The fact is, I knew.

My daughter will be away again this weekend.  Friday I’ll finish a freelance editing project.  I’m waiting for my edits from my editor.  It would be the perfect weekend to light a fire in the fireplace and open up my works-in-progress and flesh out some ideas that are pinging around in my brain.

But instead I’ve made plans with friends and have episodes of Downton Abbey to watch.

While I’d love to know that I’d hunker down with the laptop and get a lot done — I have much coming up (those edits, mind you, and I can’t wait!) and it’s not often I get a weekend to myself.  So I’m thwarting the should and embracing the could.  While I can!


14 thoughts on “The Little Writing Retreat That Wasn’t

  1. Oh, good for you. We leave for Florida Thursday and will have a couple of hotel nights coming and going, my favorite working time. I have a delicious R & R to work on. It’s my own kind of retreat, but yours sounds like wonderful recharging time! Have fun.


  2. I’ve learned to embrace some time off. Since TG came out, I’ve been chugging and puffing and unghing up the tracks, and boy did I become exhausted. I didn’t even realize/recognize my exhaustion until recently. So, I’ve taken some time off between books and now I’m ready to get to it again!

    Your time off sounds wonderful!


  3. My husband is going ice fishing up in Canada with some friends Feb. 10-12. I cannot wait for the time alone. I salivate at the idea! I’m never alone! We have a roommate (probably forever, long story, stubborn man, frustrating), we have a little one, we have each other (we work the same schedules basically so we’re almost always home together at the same time). I love him. I love our time together…but OMG I can’t wait to have the house to myself. I’m glad you were able to enjoy it!


  4. Amy, wise thinking on your part. You’re following your instincts that are screaming at you to take a break. Writing isn’t 24/7. Without down time the creative pond would go dry.

    Enjoy! Wish I could go with you. 🙂


  5. I was supposed to revise all day Sunday, the old fashioned way, with paper and pencil. Had my day planned out and everything. I got on Netflix to update our DVD que and somehow watched the entire first season of Downton Abbey and caught up on Season 2 on PBS. Addicted now, but I digress. I really needed that break. The solitude of my bedroom under the blankets, no teen or hubby anyone me. Bliss. We make plans with the best intentions but life sometmes takes us on a different, but well needed, path.


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